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Licenced Teacher, Certified Brain Health Coach, Nutrition Expert & MOM!

I am mother of five amazing children that have overcome many health, emotional/behavior, attentional, and learning challenges!  This movement of Integrated Holistic Tutoring and supporting women on their health journey was birthed out of a passion within me to walk along side mom's as they journey to bring victory in these areas for their children and themselves.  I have a tool box that empowers mom's to bring lasting postive changes in their own lives and the lives of their children. 

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Detox & Healthy Living!

Lifestyle Health:

Eating Real Food

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When children learn to walk and fall down 50 times,

they never think to themselves, "Maybe this isn't for me?" 


Sensory Processing Disorder Disappears!  

I went out last week and taught at a MOPS (Mother’s Of Preschoolers) group and recieved the most wonderful gift. As I was setting up a lady came over, I recognized her but couldn’t remember where I had met her. She introduced herself and said she had been in my class at her friends house two years ago. I then remembered her! She said through tear filled eyes that after the class she was so encouraged that she went home and changed the way her family ate. She did not do an elimination diet (gluten free, dairy free, etc…) she just went to a whole foods diets (a diet free from processed foods) and her sons Sensory Processing Disorder went away! It just goes to show that when we give our bodies the food God created for us to eat our body is designed to heal itself! She did not do any “fancy” diet just began to feed her family real living foods and the results are amazing! God is so good. What a way to start the day!

- Anonymous Mama

“Kelli has helped me understand why to do what I need to do and she’s always so helpful with helping prioritize when needed! LOVE KELLI.”

-Courtney F.

“I absolutely LOVE, love, love, Kelli! She has a true passion and heart for helping others get healthy and stay healthy. Also, for helping and teaching mamas how to best feed themselves and their families. I made her veggie dip, and like magic, my picky eaters were all of a sudden loving raw broccoli and cauliflower!! 😂 It was amazing! I am forever grateful for Kelli and blessed to know her!!”

- Rachel B.

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