Meet Kelli

BA, MA Education

Certified Brain Health Coach, Amen Clinics

Zing Practioner

True Cellular Detox Practioner

 Kelli is first and foremost a wife and mother to five children! She has a passion for children, families, and education. Through this passion she has found it critical for children and families to walk in their full potential. A  passion birthed out of experience with her own children — and their journies to find vibrant physical and metal health, as well as overcoming struggles with learning, attention, and behavior.


Over the last 18 years Kelli has been finding ways to create a healthy lifestyle that fosters bright minds and healthy bodies for her family as well as others. Many of the challenges in her own family have been overcome by simple dietary changes, creating brain neural pathyways, simple detoxification, an all around healthy lifestyle, that she has made easy and tasty! 


Kelli has a Master’s Degree in education, is a certified Brain Health Coach, through the Amen Clinics, is a Zing Perforamance Practioner, and trained in True Cellular Detox. 

Kelli has over 20 years in the elementary classroom and has also taught wellness classes for MN Teen Challenge, various co-operatives, community education programs, and several wellness offices in the metro and outstate areas. 

Kelli is the founder of Kingdom Kids Nutrition; she speaks publicly to both families and educators about the impact of health and wellness on learning, attention, and behavior. Her passion is digging deep with moms (especially, dads too) to find the root that is the cause of their child's health, learning, behavioral, or attentional struggles and empowering  them become VICTORIOUS over them!


“Victory is the only option” is Kelli’s motto to live by!

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Kelli's passion is teaching others how to live a vibrant and healthy lifestyle and how to help children overcome health, learning, attentional and behavioral struggles.  Not only can she teach you the science behind it all she can break it down into practical steps for a successful lifestyle transition. Topics:  The Roots to Illness, Living a Vibrant Life, Toxicity, The Real Keys to Weigh Loss, Learning, Behavior, Attention/ADD, Eating Real Food, Menu Planning, Shopping on a Budget & More!