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What is Holistic Integrated Tutoring?

An Integrated Holistic Tutor is a person with knowledge and expertise in holistic health, education, and brain processes. They guide children and support families in creating an individualized, specific, integrated, and holistic learning program to maximize a child's ability to learn and optimize their potential in all areas of life.

How are we different..

Integrated tutoring looks at the whole child:  diet/nutrition, ability to focus & pay attention, behavior, as well as a sneak peek into the brain which reveals what is going on when a children is reading and process information.  

Through developing undeveloped pathways in the brain, adding nutritient bases therapies, and pin pointing the root that is holding each and every child down is what makes us different from traditional learning and tutoring services.  With this information we are able to creat individualizes programs for each child to reach their full potential academically, emotionally, and physically!

Assessment that brings discovery...



the only option is victory!

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