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Educator Education & Support

Kelli Schulte

BA, MA Education

Certified Brain Health Coach, Amen Clinics

Zing Practioner

Trained in True Cellular Detox 


Would you believe me if I were to tell you that a child's inability to learn/behave/or pay attention is not be connected to bad parenting, bad teaching, or lazy children?  Could it be possible that their struggles are a deep message to us as teachers and parents of a deeper inssue going on with in them.  I am here to tell you YES!  My name is Kelli Schulte.  I am a licensed teacher, mother of five and passionate warrior for children to thrive in life, which includes school.

Through out my years as an educator and  the various struggles with my own children (ADD, ADHD, Anxiety/Panic Attacks, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and High Functioning Autism) I have gone outside the box to find solutions for my students and even more so my own struggling children!

Over the last twenty years I have dug and found many roots to these issues.  I found ways to address the roots and optimize each child's hidden potential.  When we can get to the root we can resolve the problem or symtom (inability to pay attention, poor behavior, inability to read, write, do math, manage social siutations appropriately, anxiety/panic).

I am so glad you are here!  Because you are here I know you too are a warrior for your students.  You see the potenital within and have a deep desire to bring resolution to their struggling to see them thrive! 

I am here to share with you the wisdom I have learned over the years, as a fellow educator and mother.  I currenlty am finishing up the Mastering ADD/ADHD Online course for educators!  You will be will be able to use this course for re-licensure clock hours.  A certificate will be given out at the completion of the course and the submission of a one page summary of your take aways/action steps/insights.

I look forward to the journey in helping you to expand your tool box to help these kiddos unleash the potential within for all to see!


*To schedule Kelli to do an inservice for your staff email your request to:

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