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Frusteration Overload- I Just Can't Heal!

Sometimes after an illness our bodies just really struggle to get back to a state of well being.  Try the protocol below that I learned from Dr. Berg and see if it helps you on the road to recovery!

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Experience "ALL" Or "MANY" Of The Following Symtpoms?

Muscle fatigue/pain
Brain Fog
Difficulty Breathing
Post-Exertional Malaise
Chest Pain
Bouts of Sweating
Loss of smell and/or taste
Poor Memory

Try this...

Selenium 200mcg
Vitamin D 20,000iu
B1 50mg, 2 x daily 
B3 500mg, 2x daily
Vitamin C- 3,000mg -10,000mg (bowel tolerance)
Magnesium 500mg
Zinc 60mg w/ Quercetin 500mg, 2 x daily
*Dr Berg Protocol

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