Building Sibling Relationship!

At bedtime snack a few years ago I created this blog because it just must be on record. I was home with three of the boys and one of our girls. They decided to have a tea party for their bedtime snack. So, I asked the boys what they wanted with their tea and they replied hot dogs. My daughter (the master tea party hostess) was appalled! She decided to sit on the other side of the table. I honored their request and got out two (grass fed, 100% beef) hot dogs and cooked them up. I boiled up some water, got out the tea cups and saucer and within minutes I was serving up some peppermint tea and hot dogs! Not only did I find humor in the choice of menu, the conversation that followed had me in stitches, internally of course!

The conversation went something like this: (the 8 year old is my son, the 9 year old my daughter) My daughter and I were conversing in our English language, and my son says, “Do you have to talk that way for a tea party?” of course our answer was, “Yes!” He rolled his eyes and took a sip of tea and a bite of hot dog.

I went to the sink to begin washing up some dishes and I hear my daughter say, “Don’t burp at a tea party!” A chuckle from my son bubbled up from the table.

“Pinkies up!” My daughter continued to coach the boys on a socially expectable tea party. “I don’t like pinkies,” my son mummers under his breath.

Then from the silent 5 year old (a boy as well) I hear, “Everyone, let’s do cheers!” A cheers among them broke out. Then it was silent as everyone was munching and sipping.

Then my exasperated daughter says, “Can you at least be a LITTLE polite.” In which both boys burst into laughter and I look at the table and they both have their legs crossed and feet “ON” the table. All I could do was laugh and my daughter joined in!

What a way to end a day! Joy filled the air, tea and hot dogs filled their tummies!

I refelct on this and it brings such joy to my heart! Let your kids ave fun with food and each other! Share your stories with me in the comments on how you and your family have fun this week!

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