Does Food Matter? (Testimony to a BIG "YES")

Here is a testimony from a friend of mine on how food transformed the health of herself and her son…

I am pleased to report that we have had major breakthrough in our health over the past 10 weeks! Sammy’s energy is back, no more vomiting, no more tummy aches, he has lost over 12 pounds, his balance is returning and he passed his special ed screening (he failed it just a couple of weeks ago). His countenance is completely different! I have my energy back (adrenal fatigue appears to be gone), anxiety is gone.

I have completely gone off of my diabetic medication and blood sugars are in line for the first time in years!

Rob and the other three kids have been doing better also! Caleb has decided that he feels much better when he follows “our ” diet. As a result, he has stopped taking his allergy medicine and has been an influence in his class for eating “healthy salads” for lunch. It is amazing what diet and healthy living can do for one’s body.

So, in short YES FOOD does matter and is the foundation of healthy vibrant living!



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