Heart Melt Moment!

Do any of you have challenging children. Well I do at times. Some more frequently than others, but we all do have children that challenge us at times. That challenge is always an opporutnity for us to grow...(more on that later). Today I want to share the sweetest mama moment I have had in a while!

Many of you know that we have been in a mold journey with our son Matthew! It has been a tough six years for him and us, both physically and emotionally. There have been many heated and charged moments in this healing journey that has left us all feeling hard hearted, frusterated, irritated, and overwhelmed. In those moments it just seems there is no hope, which is such a lie, there is always hope. In those times as a mama you just feel helpless in helping your child, isolated and alone.

About a week ago we (my son and I) had a major blow out. With both him and I not responding to the situation but reacting and it was not good! In time we did come together and resolve the issue peacefully and healing to our hearts flowed!

The other day he came home from work (he started his first job a few weeks ago) and said, "I bought you your Chirstmas present. You're the first person I bought for." (Heart melt moment, and the thought 'he does love me'). Then a few hours later I went down to his room to chat and he just couldn't wait he had to give me the gift right away! It was delightful, his joy and excitment. It was perfect...the coffee mug pictured above.

In that moment it confirmed to me that those moments of challenge, struggle and outbursts in the end just draw us closer to one another. We see in those places how much we need each other and how real this all is! This moment just solidified that no matter what LOVE WINS!

May all you mamas out there be encouraged that through the struggles and challenge a deep love is birthed that only comes from journeying this life together!



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