Is Food a Root Cause of ADHD/ADD?

Dr. Bob Rakowski is a renound doctors who speaks on ADD and ADHD among other topics. The info I am going to share is from a talk I heard attended in 2013. It was so amazing! Here is a quick summary of the highlights in which he spoke on:

My Brain Hurts: The brain does not have any pain receptors therefor it can not feel pain. However, when there is an issue in the brain it manifests as ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, etc…. There for if a child’s brain hurts (or has something going on in it) it will come out as one of the above symptoms.

The key is then to find the root of what is causing that for the child. Dr. Bob talked of three main things that are culprits that bring on these symptoms: Inflammation, Toxicity, or Malnutrition. (Malnutrition: yes, in the US malnutrition is an issue, not due to a lack of food, but due to a lack of eating real food with real nutrients in it!) This can be done through a natural practitioner who would then determine a protocol to bring healing!

Brain Composition/Brain Vulnerability The brain is composed of water, lipids (fats), proteins, carbohydrates, soluble organic substances, and inorganic salts. 77% of the brain is composed of water, 48% of the brain is composed of lipids or fats (Omega 3 is the most important) This is why adequate hydration can effect ability to focus. The daily amount of water intake is to be 1/2 your body weight in oz. per day. So, if your child weights 100lbs. he/she should drink 50oz. of pure water each day! (teas, juices, etc… do not count! It must be pure 100% water!) And since fats is the second most important to the brain it only makes sense that a good fats and omega oils are critidcal for any child let alone one struggling with ADD/ADHD. ( Personally we have done both of these two things and saw significant healing in the ability to focus in both our children who struggled with ADD/ADHD.

Gluten effects on the brain *Gluten reduces the blood flow to the brain. *Gluten can cause neurological harm…These nervous systems affects include: dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system, cerebella ataxia, hypotonia, developmental delay, learning disorders, depression, migraine, and headache. If gluten is the putative harmful agent, then there is no requirement to invoke gut damage.” (Med Hypotheses, 2009 Sep;73(3):438-40. Epub 2009 Apr 29. PMID: 19406584) Basically meaning gluten effects the brain!

This we have found is the key in our family! The water and good fats did help a bit, but when we went to a gluten free diet that is when significant change happened! For my 2 kiddos with ADD/ADHD they have complete focus and ability to complete tasks…no more ADD/ADHD. For me I quit gluten and went off my Effexor and Paxil for anxiety and depression! And for my one daughter she regained control of her emotions with the elimination of gluten!

Overall, gluten was a huge piece of our healing! Now I understand why!



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