Kids In The Kitchen- A MUST!

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthy foods? Well, this tip is guaranteed to get them trying new things: Get them cooking! My heart and mission is to empower kids to create their own healthy foods. AS they do they learn to try new things, learn a life long skill, and have great bonding time with mom (or dad)! (Check out the video below by clicking on the link)

As you cook with them, teach them about the foods they are creating! Things like, why would we put coconut oil in our muffins? Because it is good fat for your brain. Why do we use honey instead of white sugar? It is healthier for your body and easier to breakdown, it is natural and not processed, etc….

Yesterday my son Matthew (at age 10) asked if he could make dinner. He had been inspired by some youtube “bbq” videos he had been watching early in the day.

I said, “Sure what are you going to make?”

He said, “Big Macs, Juicy Lucys and Cheese Burgers, with cesar salad and sweet potato fries.”

LOL, healthy? He shared his recipes with me all of which he had adapted to be GF/DF, on his own, and were healthy! I happily agreed and he was so excited!

Notice the eager onlookers, cooking is contagious!

I ended up begin gone so Matthew, with eager on lookers and dad created a delicious meal. I got a phone call from my son, “Mom, I need your order. Do you and the girls want a Big Mac, Jucy Lucy, or Cheese Burger? Then do you want a gluten free bun or lettuce for your bun?” I gave him our order and when we got home we feasted on the burger of our choice.

Big Mac Sauce Author: Matthew Schulte Ingredients 3 T. Mayo (Spectrum GF)

1 tsp. Ketchup (GF) One pinch of mustard

Jucy Lucy Author: Matthew Ingredients Burger Goat Gouda Cheese or Diaya

Instructions Make 2 thin patties, put grated cheese (a tablespoon or so) in the middle of one of the patties, top with other patty and pinch edges shut. Grill about 6 minutes on each side until cooked through, use a meat thermometer to at least 165. Enjoy!

Empowering our kids to cook is a skill that will benefit them for a life time, inspire them to eat healthy and try the new things they have created!



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