Quick and Simple: Tip For Success For Eating Healthy

One complication of a healthy or special diet is when mama has to be or desires to be gone for a meal. This coming week I am traveling with my new job to a conference in California for four days. To sure my kiddos eats as they should when I am gone I have set up a few things to help my hubby successfully prepare delicious healthy meals for all of them. Today I am just going to share one tip: multiply and freeze!

Since I knew this trip was coming up I have been double or even tripling the recipes and freezing them. If you have the mess it takes just a moment more to multiply what you are already doing. For one of the days I am gone I have left doughnuts for breakfast, this will be the Sunday morning treat. These doughnuts are refined sugar free, egg free, gluten free or grain free and delicious (the egg free one will be eaten by my one little one with an egg allergy. Matthew will eat the grain free pack that I have also left. (Recipe can be found in recipe section)

If your hubby is newer to this you can also make the whole mix and freeze it. Then all he has to do is defrost, cut the tip off the bag, and bake the doughnuts.


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