Shattered Dreams Restored

From the moment they arrive, from the first glace at your new born baby they consume every fiber of your being. At that very moment your dreams have become reality. You start to see their destiny unfold before your eyes as you begin to dream of who they are and what they will become. They are the most precious, the most beautiful, the more pure thing you have ever encountered. Your heart is so full of love that there are no words to explain. Your eyes gaze at them endlessly. Your lips kiss the new born skin with tenderness. You wrap them in your loving embrace totally and completely enamored with them.

You leave the hospital heart filled with expectation, excitement, and joy. All goes well for days, weeks and months and then “suddenly”. Suddenly something is off, but you don’t know what. There is a distance that is in their eyes, that once held tight to the gaze of their mama. What’s happening? Is my baby ok? In your core of your being your mama radar knows something has gone wrong. Something is there that was not there before. It is so slight and you can’t really put your finger on it.

Weeks and months pass and the distance grows greater. The ability of the precious little one you love more than anything starts to have trouble dealing with daily life. Things begin to spin and spin, faster and faster until all of life seems out of control. Frustration with in your precious one mounts and surfaces in fits of rage. An hour, then two, then three. Once a day then, two, then many. Over and over. Nothing works, all interventions fail. You are a mama rocking your trembling child, tears streaming down your face, as you do not know how to help this little one that captivates your being. You don’t know what to do.

You search the world for answers. Doctors, books, people…. The trail is a dead end. You are told, “This is just the way your child is going to be, you will have learn to live with it.” Your child who you love with all your heart, the perfect treasure you held that first day now stuck in a vortex of pain, anger, fear, and hopelessness. Everyday single day a struggle, every moment insurmountable pain. Your mama heart is broken, crushed, you don’t know what to do, and your dreams are shattered. You are lost and alone with nowhere to turn…

And then GOD…

Almongst the pain you cry out to God. Tears of anguish and torment. The prayers of this mamas heart for her dear little one are heard! A shout from heaven touches earth. Doors unknown, options this mama did not know existed, start to swing open, and hope begins to spring forth.

One by one keys are released showing this mama what will bring healing and restoration to her precious little one. Food, supplements, adjustments, prayer, biofeedback, kinesiology, on and on it goes, but healing comes… Dreams once again begin to flood this mamas heart as the lid to barried dreams is flung wide open, no longer fear but her hope and possibility consume her. Innocence returns, peace is restored, and healing lands complete.

A mamas heart restored as she ponders that first day, the day her baby came into this world. Hearts have been restored, love is growing, anger has ceased. Passion within her little one blooms. Loving smiles, cheer filled laughter, fill the eyes that look into hers. Their eyes meet and they gaze deeply into one anothers soul, the seal of the healing complete

Launched into a young woman, powerfully brilliant, creative, beautiful, and compassionate, with a future of possibilities waiting for her. The things many said she would never do…and then God!

This is our story. This was our beginning and our end. This is why I do what I do. Our story can be your story! If you or someone you know needs a turn in their story please join the movment: No Longer A Life Sentence. The doctors, therapists, and resources that have been a part of our healing from physical, emotional, and behavioral struggles are all found on this website! I can’t wait to meet each and everyone of you and propel you into your healing journey, that will bring restoration and life!



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